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'HFT' Fire Hose Cabinet System Rotary vs. Linear Technology

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Hoffmann Fire Technologies
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The Technology to 'Take the HEAT!'

Authority: NFPA 14-2000 Standard for the Installation of Stand Pipes, Private Hydrants, and Hose Systems

The SAFEST and World's FIRST ever Fire Hose Cabinet System able to be FULLY 'Charged' and FIRE-READY within mere SECONDS at the Fire Hose Cabinet Site!

Click here to download printable PDF file of webpage.

Today's STANDARD stores FLAT HOSE as 'FOLDED!'
Why NO video demonstration!?!   IT DOESN'T WORK!!!
Which requires complicated Non-Obvious procedures to ATTEMPT ...yet consistently FAILS to deploy!

Stand alone! ...deployed in seconds! ...w/in feet! ...w/ NO Water-Restrictive Kinks! EVER!

Labeled as FIRE HOSE at the top...
...and FIRE BLANKET to PROTECT UP TO THREE (3) VICTIMS w/in a FIRE SHELTER to trap breathable AIR!

This can be installed anywhere on the globe...
Click here to see how EFFECTIVE and EASY it is!
...but especially as a quick Retro-Fit that for the FIRST TIME PROVIDES IMMEDIATE FIRE PROTECTION!

Have you ever taken a moment to read the instruction label on any current internationally recognized 'Pin-Rack' Fire Hose Cabinet in use today? Please note these are NOT for responding Firefighters, but rather specifically designed as intended for the immediate use of Fire Victims who are expected to utilize these lines to protect their SAFE EGRESS BEFORE we arrive!

Can you believe 'THEY' [Design Engineers] direct a fire victim to 'Open Hose Valve Wide' ...FIRST!?! A completely Non-Obvious, incomprehensible instruction that the manufacturer expects and demands of a fire victim BEFORE the flat folded hose is touched let alone removed and manipulated in any manner on the floor to begin the flow of water to the nozzle! [Note a 100' foot length of Fire hose is folded up and down literally 48 times as it hangs from 24 auto-release pins!]

Because every hose is affected by the same unavoidable Laws of Physics as observed when deploying a standard hard round garden hose, every 'engineered' fold then MUST BE unfolded as FAST as possible in order to make every viable attempt to flow water to the nozzle to protect an escape route!

If a garden hose can be immediately utilized from a coiled configuration without arranging one inch, does it not make sense to COIL fire hose in the same exact manner to render it immediately 'Fire-Ready' as well!?! The reason most feel we would never FOLD our garden hose is that it would be totally impractical as it is already hard and round. Then why do we store our Emergency Fire Hose in a folded configuration? It's FLAT [...but only when NOT in use!] and years of long lasting thoughtless TRADITION has prevailed!

Again, think about what happens when you fold your pressurized garden hose!?! It stops flowing water! What happens when we FOLD our Fire Hose!?! It also STOPS the flow of water!

As you have well deduced, the 'Pin-Rack' system defies any and all logical Common-Sense application but especially during a Life Threatening Fire Emergency when Human Nature proves REACTION is the only action taken! PLUS, if any necessary complex and/or non-obvious Life-Saving measures are required, these procedures are severely compromised and suffer greatly in the wake of the expected and resulting CHAOS. Hence the requirement of 'Panic Hardware' installed on exit doors in public and commercial occupancies.

Please read the 'Pin-Rack' Instruction label below. Then take a few moments to compare this illogical mandatory action to the simplicity illustrated throughout the photos of the HFT [Immediate Protection] Hose Cabinet System! A complete system that not only stands alone on any wall or post assembly [an incredible SAVINGS in hardware and installation costs!], but it can also retro-fit literally ANY existing Fire Hose Cabinet system in use today in a matter of minutes! We use the same hose, same nozzle, and same fittings! ...yet we prepare the hose just a little differently [COILED] in a box container of appropriate volume for the flat hose to be prepared and stored for FAST, RELIABLE, and CONSISTENT 'KINK-FREE' SAFE DEPLOYMENT LITERALLY EVERYTIME!

Again, this is the World's FIRST ever Hose Cabinet System to allow literally any Standard 'Rack Hose' to be fully CHARGED within seconds! the cabinet site! ...and with very few minor water restrictive kinks that are easy to manage once the water valve is fully open!


The 'Current' International Standard

The complicated method of loading this apparatus!
Now consider every step until you get water!
Perhaps you can now see why you're instructed to FIRST Open the Water Valve FULLY!

Please note the DIME to the left of the label!
Did anyone train you these LIFE SAVING procedures?
You're expected to read, memorize and EXECUTE each listed and NON-LISTED step effectively!

Please note the International STANDARD Flat Hose 'Pin-Rack' Method, the fire victim is expected to FIRST 'Open Hose Valve Wide' [WHAT!?! This is the LAST thing you would expect to do BEFORE the hose is removed! But especially during the PANIC of a Life Threatening Fire Emergency!]

Next, the fire victim is instructed to 'Remove Nozzle From Bracket - Hold Firmly' [This ties up one hand... next!?!]

Next, with only one remaining hand, the fire victim is finally instructed to, 'Remove All Hose From Rack.' [A procedure executed after the water valve is FULLY OPEN!]

Next, it is then ASSUMED the fire victim KNOWS to advance the EMPTY, DRY, Waterless Fire Hose to the fire location with ZERO WATER nor any WATER PRESSURE for PROTECTION from the nozzle! [Any SAFETY concerns!?!]

Now that the fire victim has arrived at the fire location with an EMPTY NON-PRESSURIZED FIRE HOSE [Which in a worse case scenario could be as close as at the hose cabinet site], the Fire Victim is then ASSUMED TO KNOW to ARRANGE, RE-ARRANGE, and 'FLAKE-OUT' literally every remaining inch of 100' feet of hose from the fire hose cabinet somewhere on the floor in a manner that effectively removes ALL KINKS [Where!?! On the floor in the width of a narrow hallway at the fire victim's feet!?!]

Upon PROPER ASSUMPTION, the Fire Victim must then REMEMBER as ADVISED that the 'Water Will Flow When The Last Fold Is Pulled.' [Please note illustrations above that direct such a procedure as the fire hose is pinched between two objects in order to PREVENT the flow of water!


Lastly, IF and only IF the fire victim has MEMORIZED and EXECUTED EACH LISTED and NON-LISTED DIRECTIVE IMPECCABLY that is written on a label the height of the diameter of a thin dime, and then executes each unlisted ASSUMED PROCEDURE to UNFOLD all 48 folds of the flat fire hose, and then executes the ASSUMED procedure to meticulously arrange and re-arrange every inch of flat fire hose in the confined space of an office building hallway to eliminate EVERY water restrictive kink, the fire victim is then finally instructed to 'Direct Water At Base Of Flame.'

Am I the only one (1) who understands why we find dead bodies of fire victims lying next to NON-PRESSURIZED, tangled, un-arranged, partially charged, EMPTY Fire Hose Cabinet hoses!?! Is there truly another way, a SAFER, more EFFICIENT method to SAVE LIVES AND PROPERTY using the SAME Fire Hose and plumbing connections in use today!?! [A procedure that this last directive cannot even begin to be executed until AFTER EVERY kink has been removed and there is in fact pressurized unrestricted water at the nozzle!]

To further clarify, let's use the example the fire is half the distance between two (2) existing fire hose cabinets. In this case the fire is approximately thirty (30') feet away, which means seventy (70') feet of hose remains in the cabinet. This seventy (70') feet of empty fire hose must be removed and 'laid' and arranged somewhere on the floor before the last fold is removed to allow the flow of water to this hose line.

You guessed it; this is precisely why the typical fire victim rarely executes the non-obvious unlisted procedures as HOPED! Kinked and unfolded hose is 'laid' in piles and back and forth perhaps several times in which very little or absolutely no water pressure is achieved at the nozzle!

The following are photographs to illustrate each simple step necessary to deploy 100' of flat 'PRE-COILED' and stored fire hose cabinet hose from the time of need to the final steps of deployment up to 100' feet away from the cabinet. In literally every possible scenario, the fire hose is FULLY CHARGED and [after minor manipulation as seen in the video] Water Restrictive KINK-FREE at the cabinet site for MAXIMUM PERSONAL PROTECTION every step of deployment up to and including the FULL length of the hose until SAFE EFFECTIVE EGRESS IS ACHEIVED!

* The primary intended purpose of literally EVERY HOSE CABINET installed on the planet today! *

Please bare with me as this page will be updated with video presentations and other supporting data as it becomes available. Your feedback is greatly appreciated!

A Simple Illustration to SAFETY!

The first step is release the RED pull strap...
Click here to view demonstration video!
This strap secures the FIRE BLANKET and hose bundle in the cabinet box.

Fire Blanket is removed to protect YOU from heat!
Click here to view demonstration! the hose bundle is secured at Box upper flap with velcro release strap hidden on reverse.

Bundle is placed on ground with Release Strap UP
Click here to view video demonsration!
...with just enough hose to reach the ground level.

Grasp the RED release strap...
Click here to view video demonstration!
...and pull through the plastic clasp to release the hose bundle.

The Hose Bundle is now released...
Click here to view video demonstration!
...and the water valve can be fully opened or the hose can be manipulated in the following image...

The hose can be QUICKLY arranged as illustrated..
Click here to view the video demonstration!
or simply filled with water to accomplish the same configuration!

The hose is now FIRE READY for FULL water pressure
Click here to SEE THIS IN ACTION!
and prepared for everyone's SAFE & EFFICIENT EGRESS

Fully 'Charged' at the Hose Cabinet Site!
Effortless hose deployment everytime!
Able to extinguish a fire within SECONDS for Maximum SAFETY!!

HFT Fire & Rescue Technologies
'The Technology to Take the HEAT!'

Hoffmann Fire Technologies
Click here for the REST of the STORY!
The Technology to 'Take the HEAT!'

West Des Moines, Iowa  50256

Blaze - RIP 12/04/08

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