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6.5 Hp ETQ Motor - Easy Pull Start w/ On-Off Switch

1.5" input, (1) 1.5" and (2) 1.0" outputs; total Head 246 feet; maximum suction Head 26.3 feet; maximum flow 132 Gallons Per Minute; Engine Model ETQ200; air cooled; four (4) stroke; single cylinder; displacement 11.96 cubic inches; bore stroke 2.56" X 2.12"; engine speed 3600 rpm; maximum output 6.5 hp; continuous output 5.3 hp; fuel tank capacity 0.96 gallons; lube oil capacity 20.25 ounces.

Intake Hose: Clear Hard Plastic 2" Dia. X 10' Length with Female Camlock fitting on one end and Metal Strainer on the other. The connection at the pump is 2" NPT fitting w/ a 2" Male Camlock

Discharge Hoses are 1.5" Double Jacket Synthetic Rubber lined hose.

Nozzle is Red Plastic twist on and off and variable flow from 20 Gpm to 60 Gpm... this does not include a ball shut off but can be upgraded to these specifications.

Total Unit weight is 97 lbs. including hose and fittings.

Warranty is two (2) full years* on Engine and Pump only if tested and drained every 4-months. Note: No Warranty on Pump Seal if engine is started without first priming pump.

The pump assembly has a three discharge manifold... one (1) 1.5" [preconnected to one (1) fully dedicated 1.5" Hose line] and two (2) 1" discharges [one (1) discharge is valved and increased to an 1.5" fitting and one (1) fitting reduced to a .75" valved hose bib and waste valve]

The waste valve assembly is to ensure water is continuously circulating through the pump at all times to prevent pump cavitation and possible resulting damage to pump assembly seals.

Please feel free to call for further details (800) 656-1624

HFT Fire & Rescue Technologies
'The Technology to Take the HEAT!'

Hoffmann Fire Technologies
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The Technology to 'Take the HEAT!'

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