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About the Inventor...

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About the Inventor...
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Richard W. Hoffmann, Sr.
Certifiable "Pig in HEAT!"
Patented Inventor / Fire Captain / Peace Officer [medically retired] ...DAD! ...times FOUR!!!

Please click here to download "Cover Letter" updated October 8, 2014

Please click here to download current "Resume' " updated October 8, 2014

Rich “Hoffy” Hoffmann, “Painter of LIFE,” was born and raised in northern California. Working as a Correctional Fire Captain, he supervised and instructed inmates to become fully trained fire fighters. His career credentials include being a certified Incident Commander, Fire Officer, Instructor, Prevention Officer, Investigator, and Hazardous Materials Specialist, etc., and INSTRUCTOR in each of these areas in a dual Fire/Law Enforcement position for the State of California.

Medically retired, he's now a small business owner who obtained two patents on three separate devices and methods that allows both fire victims to more effectively escape burning buildings and for firefighters, not only roll thousands of feet of hose up to 5" LDH in record time with the world's smallest hose roller ever invented, but a much SAFER and more efficient method of deploying charged fire hoses with one-quarter the effort in as little time as well. These methods, video demonstrated with over 100,000 international hits, are currently incorporated into the college curriculum at Texas A & M University.

He's also been recognized in "Professional Wedding" photography competition throughout California State Exhibitions as well as being the "Featured Artist" at the Ankeny Art Center in June 2011 for photographing and then “painting” those images on gallery wrapped canvas for a spectacular affect.

Rich relocated to Iowa to be close to his two youngest children, Morgan age 9 and Noah age 8. He is very proud of his oldest son, Rick, age 28, who graduated second in his class of only five from a list of 200+ initial applicants of the Navy’s best to become one of a very few Special Forces Rescue Swimmers. Rick is now attending Officer Candidate School as one of only 10 selected from over 750 'enlistees' who applied worldwide. Rich’s oldest daughter, Jaclynn age 30, who presently runs the 'Operations' for a construction company is also an accomplished artist for her Japanese cartoon pencil drawings/paintings as well.

Artist Statement:

Essentially every artist must learn and effectively apply the principles of proper composition to produce an appealing illustration; however, it was Ansel Adams who mastered light, demanding that it be perfectly “even.” Knowing the severe limitations of the single eye camera lens to only properly expose one level of light intensity, he would wait months before returning to a desired vantage point, never wasting a frame of film, to be there at the exact moment when the conditions were of absolute perfection to capture the world renowned images we all know and love.

The difference I present incorporates a process of capturing multiple light exposures of the same image/scene in which today’s state of the art digital equipment and technology provides when the luxury of perfect timing for proper light exposure is not always available. Even in light that is not consistent, I am able to properly expose each separate area of a given “subject” with the camera in full manual mode. Often holding the camera steady only by hand, I compose and then properly expose the first image of the brighter sky, the second of the dimmer main subject area, and finally, if necessary, the third of the darker foreground.I then take these images to my computer “lab” and hand cut the first two properly exposed areas from the first two images and layer them onto the third, creating a complete and “properly exposed” fourth image that I later render. The final process, which I leave as a bit of a mystery, allows me to extract and enhance each color within the image much in the same manner that a painter would choose a selection from his pallet. I often feather the edges to ensure the end result begins to appear as a hand 'painted' illustration, I then select and extract specific subjects within the image as layers, make any final lighting adjustments to each, and finally pull them through a series of filters and custom settings on the computer, redrawing each pixel in their desired size and shape as a pencil, brush, chalk, or similar charcoal stroke.

Incorporating a few more important steps, the final version is then printed by Canvas On Demand Pro and readied for gallery presentation, shipped direct to anywhere on the globe with only a simple manifest content list to ensure the cost of such a nice gift will only be known by you.

It is my goal that you enjoy this work as much as I enjoy creating it!


Ancient Proverbs:   A wise man is open to new ideas.  In fact, he searches for them!



Morgan Elizabeth Hoffmann
Morgan... at one (1) year old!
My Dad is counting on you to 'BE FIRE SAFE!'

Noah Christian Hoffmann ...tomorrow's next LEADER!
Who else is relying on you to be EXTREMELY SAFE!?!
Who is waiting on you when you get off shift!?!

Jaclynn C. Hoffmann
Please click here to view incredible images...
....the most beautiful... articulate... well... TIED!

Richard WIliam Hoffmann, II
What've you done w/ your first 20 yrs. on Earth!?!
Special Forces Rescue Swimmer - HOPE and FAITH... in ACTION!

To view a few incredible 'Photo-Paintings' captured in his travels of some of the most beautiful places on the globe... please click here!  To enjoy one of many other videos he has produced, click on this link (click here) which was taped during the flight of the B-17 Flying Fortress "Aluminum Overcast" over the northern portions of the San Francisco Bay Area.."





HFT Fire & Rescue Technologies
'The Technology to Take the HEAT!'

Hoffmann Fire Technologies
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The Technology to 'Take the HEAT!'

West Des Moines, Iowa  50256

Blaze - RIP 12/04/08

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