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Fire Hydraulics Calculator
Fire and Life Safety... for all ages! Learn how to SAVE a Fire Fighters LIFE!
About the Inventor...
'Hoffy' Hose Load Deployment
Rotary vs. Linear Technology - The Written Description
U.S. Patents and International Patents Pending
How to Prepare the 'Hoffy' Pre-Connect and Deployment System
Hose Roller and Rope Rescue Winch
'HFT' Fire Hose Cabinet System
HFT 'FIREBUSTER!' The SAFEST Home Fire Protection Pump System on the Market Today!
A quick note to our Pool Service Technicians
Residential Sprinkler Systems
F-500 Hazard Control Technologies
Industrial Emergency Council
National Interagency Fire Center - National Fire News & Information
CAL Fire Incidents - Current
'Ride-Along' aboard AA 340
Flight of EAA B-17 'Aluminum Overcast'
Painter of LIFE... Spectacular Images
"So Others May Live" - 24/7
Current Events of the USS Kitty Hawk
Other Links of Interest
The brutal TRUTH
"Nature's Incredible Remedy"
Contact Us
Thank you for your time to find your way here to stop-by and review one of the GREATEST BREAK-THROUGHS in the Fire Service today!

Please feel free to call (888) 602-FIRE [3473] literally anytime in the day... any missed calls and voice mail will be answered by the next business day.

For any inquiries or to request any additional information please write us at:  
All my best!

Rich "Hoffy" Hoffmann,
Fire Captain/Peace Officer (med-ret.)
1006 SE Belmont Drive
Ankeny, IA  50021
+1(515) 333-7674  Direct/International
+1(515) 964-1621 Fax

HFT Fire & Rescue Technologies
'The Technology to Take the HEAT!'

Hoffmann Fire Technologies
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The Technology to 'Take the HEAT!'

West Des Moines, Iowa  50256

Blaze - RIP 12/04/08

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