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How to Prepare the 'Hoffy' Pre-Connect and Deployment System

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How to Prepare the 'Hoffy' Pre-Connect and Deployment System
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Hoffmann Fire Technologies
Consider the LIMITATIONS of your current method!
The Technology to Take the HEAT!

Fight the FIRE... NOT the HOSE!!! ...and ALWAYS provide for SAFETY FIRST!

* Coil 100' of 1.5" or 1.75" hose as demonstrated in the video above [to its Minimum Inside Critical Diameter] and position the female coupling on the outside AND at the SAME end as the nozzle [located in the center of the coiled hose bundle.] This configuration is KEY to the success of this design.

* Secure the coiled hose bundle with a hose strap [6' X 1.5" tubular webbing] through the bail of the nozzle and hose bundle loops tied with "crows foot" to secure the bundle loops.

* Place the entire 100' hose bundle in the hose bed with the 'exposed' female coupling on the bottom of the hose bundle and at the edge of the hose bed on the PRIMARY side of deployment.

* Now fold the remaining compliment of hose (50' up to 200' depending upon the standards set for your department) in which the female coupling is first coupled to pre-connect male discharge.

* Next, drape the hose from the hose bed out and down the side of your apparatus until it makes contact with the ground at your feet. This is Fold #1.

* Now extend the hose perpendicular to a point a little less than 1/4 the length of the remaining length of your pre-connect [50' compliment is extended approx. 10' 100' compliment is extended approx. 22'; etc. from your apparatus.]

* Next, fold [Fold #2] and reverse the hose back to Fold #1, then fold [Fold #3] and reverse again forward to Fold #2, and fold [Fold #4] and lay the hose back to Fold #3... and then connect the male to the female coupling of the previously positioned hose bundle in the apparatus hose bed.

* This entire "Quadra-fold" hose portion is then loaded as one (1) unit back and forth in the hose bed in a manner in which both Fold #2 and Fold #4 become the two (2) primary indicator loops on the primary side of deployment...

* ...and a single indicator loop on the Non-Primary side of deployment of a transverse bed (not illustrated) the "Quadra-folded" portion is positioned in a manner that creates a single (1) indicator loop of two (2) layers so it too can be quickly removed from the Non-Primary side...

* A small yellow one (1') inch tubular webbing strap [crows foot tied through the loops of the hose bundle at the opposite end of the nozzle] is exposed so the hose bundle can then be removed as a single unit and deployed as demonstrated.

This allows literally any 'Live-Line' or transverse 'lateral' pre-connect bed to be loaded and deployed either within a little less than one quarter (1/4) of the remaining compliment of the non-coiled, "Quadra folded" hose from you apparatus... and/or deployed over and around any obstacle as demonstrated in the video up to and including literally any distance and at any moment the nozzle person demands water for SAFE AND EFFECTIVE NOZZLE PROTECTION UNDER ALL CONDITIONS… EVERY TIME!!

Fight fire aggressively [NOT the hose!], but always provide for SAFET FIRST!

Your next challenge is to deploy 200' feet of 2.5" from within 10' feet of the rear of your apparatus with full nozzle pressure and absolutely no water restrictive kinks to mange or overcome... and deploy this line WITHOUT dragging more than 20 feet of hose... ever... up to and including the entire length of hose at any point (i.e. 200' feet of 2.5") away from the engine! No hassels EVER!

Simply pull 200' of 2.5" off the rig and place to the side and rear of the tailboard. Connect the female to a rear discharge [if not already pre-connected], and then just as you were taught as a small child to replace a garden hose back to its original storage position 'coiled' on the ground adjacvent to the water faucet, 'coil' the 2.5" hose in the exact same manner from the 'bitter end' (female coupling end) in eight (8') foot diameter coils at the rear of your engine, the width of the engine, until the 'running end' (male) with the nozzle finds it's way to the top at the end of the last coil.

You can either fully charge the line for immediate apparatus and personnel protection or advance the nozzle 'dry' to the SAFEST yet most practical distance from the intended exposure and then charge the line for virtually unrestricted water flow to the nozzle at any moment.

To advance the charged line, simply 'Right' the next top 'coil' from it's resting horizontal plane to a vertical plane (perpendicular to the ground); and hand roll this 25' section of fully charged hose (length in each coiled 'turn') on the same path of the hose laying on the ground and toward the nozzle person. Please refer to the video presentation that demonstrates the 1.75" 'Hoffy' Coil Advance method as an example to extend this 2.5" Exposure line virtually from within 10 feet of your apparatus... to any point up to it's entire length (i.e. 200' feet of fully charged 2.5" line)

Additionally, it also possible for the first time ever for you and your crew to advance this line around literally around any right angle and/or complete "U Turns" you may encounter... until every inch is deployed... without ever interrupting or reducing nozzle pressure! ...EVER! ...almost EFFORTLESSLY!

Seriously guys and gals, we need to SHATTER the MOLD on our mind set our fire hose is long and flat and desperately needs to be arranged and re-arranged! Yes, you have a flat load STORAGE system on you rigs... but really, if this hose were fully charged and exhibited every law of Physics a garden hose would present, wouldn't you do what you do EVERY time you replace your garden hose next to your faucet!?!

If you are FORCED to PHYSICALLY RE-ARRANGE your TRADITIONALLY, UN-QUESTIONED PREPARED soon to be FULLY CHARGED LINE, then at least 'put it away' starting at the 'Bitter-End' of your hose and simply COIL IT AT YOUR ANKLES until the nozzle is on top! Can it be any simpler!?! At least now all your hose is in one place, there are no trip hazards, you can actually follow the hose all the way back to your apparatus if your LIFE DEPENDS ON IT, and get a load of this... you only pull the hose you actually need! You will never find the NEED to OVER EXERT yourself [Workman's Comp issue here sweetheart!] as your CURRENT TRADITION DEMANDS TODAY!

Really! Please read the article to the left in my navigation bar: "The Written Description" which forwards to

And now that your hose is pre-coiled... you can now advance this FULLY CHARGED... Water Restrictive 'Kink-FREE' hose! ...up to and including any length of your line... even around right-angle turns... WITHOUT EVER DRAGGING [and therefore DAMAGING the outer SHELL] of your ONLY LINE OF PROTECTION! ...EVER!

New and improved instructional videos will be posted as we progress in the education of teaching the fire fighters of this planet how to fight the FIRE... and NOT the hose! ...only so much SMARTER...NOT harder!

HFT FIRE - The Technology to 'Take the HEAT!'

HFT Fire & Rescue Technologies
'The Technology to Take the HEAT!'

Hoffmann Fire Technologies
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The Technology to 'Take the HEAT!'

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