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No, this isn't a fire... but the result of an incredible sunset over Yountville, April 2002
CDF Copter 104, Napa, June 2001
I will post more as I work on the site...
...but especially those you forward!

Shot a memory to write home about...


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The first step in the painstaking process just to get water to the nozzle...  Can he be sure there are NO burning embers to be concerned with?
Now compare this method to 100' fully charged at your ankles! ...w/ NO kinks!  ...and NOTHING to drag!
Not pictured is a Vallejo Police sqad car blocking two (2) lanes of traffic... critical to the SAFETY of this Fire Fighter... good thing "traffic control" was available at the time!!
Hand manipulation is
unavoidable to ensure every
tight "kink" is removed...   rolled 50'
START LINE... because
                                        forward would result in #4     then demand the
THATS BURNING HOSE!    assistance of another
                                                                                   to advance this line only inches at a time.
Yes, believe it or not!  That's burning 1.5" SJ... placed perpendicular to the line.. in the Burn... due to the "assumed" lack of available deployment area ON THE LINE.
Why is this lane BLOCKED... not enough room to "UNFOLD" your hose in the field before use?
These days are finally OVER!!!
My dog "Spot"... AKA "BLAZE"  Thought you'd enjoy...
This second Fire Fighter could accomplish any other tactical objectives ...while just one (1) could easily address this task in a far more efficient manner... and perhaps reduced equipment wear and tear.