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Pictured below is an example of a "current" method (150' "Triple-Fold")... which is advanced in a straight line... down hill... with no obstructions... yet two (2) water restrictive kinks remain (at each end) ...AND an ENTIRE lane of traffic is DANGEROUSLY blocked by literally hundreds of square feet of hose in a worthy "attempt" to open this line to the nozzle...
Every "Double-Donut" or "Service" roll must also be extended in this same manner... 50' laid down and back BEHIND the nozzle operator. This causes your crew to ALWAYS "DRAG" at least 50' of fully charged line ...and most have no idea that's 1800' feet of DEMANDING physical effort just to advance only 1200' feet of hose?!? ...which then causes a CRITICAL SAFETY ISSUE:  Your crew is REQUIRED to "split-up" because they MUST hand "baby-sit" the "grapling hook" (bight at the end of this length) which SNAGS on literally every SHARP rock, stump, etc., its path! Not only does this cause incredible unnecessary "abuse" to the entire outer lining of your hose, but it also increases the Risk of Line Failure ...especially just prior to "Full" extension when your crew is at maximum RISK to Muscle and BACK STRAINS!. Note the white 1.5" Supply line between Engine-1 and Engine-2 above. This USELESS "double-donut" roll remains "Out-of-Service" because it has NOT yet been hand manipulated AGAIN to remove the countless "water-restrictive" kinksThe REQUIRED minimum 50+ foot linear distance simply wasn't  available!?! Below is the application of a few neglected LAWS OF PHYSICS never before used in the Fire Service... that address literally EVERY ISSUE!!!
...that requires four (4) personnel to "DRAG" over 65' feet of HEAVY fully charged line just to reach the seat of the fire less than 15' feet from where this line was first placed in service.
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If you still believe it's impossible to fully charge ANY "attack line" up to 200+ feet long... up to a 3" in diameter... within feet of your apparatus... and flow 100% nozzle pressure (+500 gpm) completely un-restricted... literally in a few moments... and then advance and extend this "CHARGED" line hundreds or even thousands of feet [the ENTIRE length... PLUS any extensions] AROUND RIGHT-ANGLE TURNS ... with your crew absolutely NEVER expected to EVER drag more than the last 15' to 25' feet  of hose BEHIND the nozzle... in the ENTIRE EVOLUTION... EVER...  ...then this is where we need to spend a little more time to learn and apply...
This is the SAFEST, most efficient "EFFORTLESS" hose deployment method ever! Regardless of the distance advanced/extended, every crew member can maintain their "dime" (remain w/in 10' of each other) as they ROLL literally 100's and even 1000's of feet of "CHARGED" line over and around nearly any obstacle ...including Right-Angle Turns ..and ALWAYS HAVE IMMEDIATE, "FULL-TIME" PROTECTION AT THE NOZZLE! Whether charging multiple lines in a high-rise stairwell... expecting (unrealistic) MIRACLES from Air-Support at a major wildland incident... or just advancing the nozzle a mere 10 feet to the rear of a charred room, you will always have the REQUIRED "Deployment Area" critical for the SAFETY of your crew ...and finally enough hose to do the job... effortlessly! A simple method that exponentially reduces Fire Fighter STRESS, Muscle and Back Strain and prevents the UNNECESSARY  ABUSE and RISK of FAILURE to your ONLY line of Defense.
The term "Hoseroller" is NOT a "noun," it's a "verb!"
It's time we re-evaluate our comfort zone "...but we've always done it this way!" and strive to teach our personnel these Critical Preventative SAFETY Measures. The
"HOSER" hoseroller is the answer! ...invented to REVOLUTIONIZE Personnel Protection through IMMEDIATE & STRESS-FREE hose deployment!
...and increase SCENE-SAFETY  for your most valuable resource... your CREW!